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Exploration Borehole

 Borehole Number: 105/25/K003/1A/NDP

 Prospecting Company: De Beers Holdings Botswana
 Prospecting License No.: PL31/88
 Coordinates Type: WGS 84
 Coordinates Format: Decimal Degrees (DD)
 Coordinates: -22.704783 , 27.883131
 Location: Lerala

 Start Drill: 0000-00-00
 End Drill: 0000-00-00
 Borehole Type: Exploration
 Drilling Method: Core
 Sample Type: Core
 Depth of Surface Casing: N/A
 Azimuth: Degrees
 Hole Inclination: N/A
 Collar Elevation: N/A
 Borehole Water Strike: Metres
 End of Hole (Depth): N/A
 Hole Diameter: Millimetres

 Log Formation:
No.From (m)To (m) Log Formation
1.0 1Brown Topsoil.
2.1 31-8m calcretised Sand & basement fragments.
3.3 44-5m entirely tabular, angular plagioclase chips brown/green colour in calcretised matrix.
4.4 55-8m plag fspar + 40% quartz.
5.5 8Pink k-fspar and quartz + chloritised (greenish) biotite, bearing plag.
6.8 10Felsic gneiss.
7.10 1212-21m compicuous by increase in grey Clays adhering to chips.
8.12 13Weathered dark brown/green macrocrystic brecciated kimberlite with varying proportions of inclusions of kfspar, qtz and Amphiboliteibolite.
9.13 1713-17m 90% inclusions 17m-50% incl. 18m-10%.
10.17 1819m-20% inclusions.
11.18 19Kimberlite breccia.
12.19 2021-20% inclusions.
13.20 21Sudden change in nature of inclusions - much larger chips on 5% kimberlite.
14.21 2295% inclusions - granish plag, red kfs.
15.22 24Kimberlite breccia.
16.24 2626m-50% inclusions.
17.26 28Predom red kfspar + minor kimberlite chips, but suspected contamination. Wall rock contact prods?

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