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Exploration Borehole

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 Borehole Number: 105/12/X020/H1

 Prospecting Company: De Beers Holdings Botswana
 Prospecting License No.: PL51/88
 Coordinates Type: WGS 84
 Coordinates Format: Decimal Degrees (DD)
 Coordinates: -20.294679 , 24.43929
 Location: Senagom

 Start Drill: N/A
 End Drill: N/A
 Borehole Type: Exploration
 Drilling Method: Core
 Sample Type: Core
 Depth of Surface Casing: N/A
 Azimuth: Degrees
 Hole Inclination: N/A
 Collar Elevation: N/A
 Borehole Water Strike: N/A
 End of Hole (Depth): N/A
 Hole Diameter: N/A

 Log Formation:
No.From (m)To (m) Log Formation
1.0 1Residual Topsoil.
2.1 20Inmature Sandy calcrete with gasteropoda remains.
3.20 32With nodular calcrete green pan clay.
4.32 40Buff quartz arenite , Sandy Silcrete.
5.40 50Predominantly green siltstone, dark grey cryptocrystalline Silcrete (playa Silcrete).
6.50 94Evaporite deposits gypsum and dolomite euhedra, playa Silcrete, Sandy Silcrete after calcrete.
7.94 110Pebble horizon 1-5cm clasts. Evaporite deposits.
8.110 156Green pan clay, dolomite euhedra with fragments of fine, calcretised quartz arenite. Green pan clay, porous quartz arenite, dolomite.
9.156 218Green pan clay, dolomite concretions. Fine, neutral light green quartz arenite with authigenic pyrite and pedoclasts. Light green fine quartz arenite with authigenic pyrite and pedotubes.
10.218 220Light green fine quartz arenite.
11.220 227Samples missing.
12.227 251Green - brown chloritized bslt.

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