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Exploration Borehole

 Borehole Number: 105/21/X002/H1

 Prospecting Company: De Beers Holdings Botswana
 Prospecting License No.: PL78/88
 Coordinates Type: WGS 84
 Coordinates Format: Decimal Degrees (DD)
 Coordinates: -22.55909 , 21.719548
 Location: Ghanzi

 Start Drill: 0000-00-00
 End Drill: 0000-00-00
 Borehole Type: Exploration
 Drilling Method: Core
 Sample Type: Core
 Depth of Surface Casing: N/A
 Azimuth: Degrees
 Hole Inclination: N/A
 Collar Elevation: N/A
 Borehole Water Strike: Metres
 End of Hole (Depth): N/A
 Hole Diameter: Millimetres

 Log Formation:
No.From (m)To (m) Log Formation
1.0 3Unconsolidated sand.
2.0 3U Kalahari - Unconsolidated Sand - no chips recovered.
3.3 20U Kalahari - Submature, bioturbated lacustrine Sands with abundant quartz and Silcrete granules.
4.20 27U Kalahari - mature light grey and mottled Silcrete (massive).
5.27 45L Kalahari - submature, medium to fine grained calcareous, buff - grey -green coloured. Pervasive silcretion below 30m depth.
6.45 49L Kalahari - massive, mature, poorly - sorted greyish -green siliceous matrix supported Sandstone.
7.49 83Karoo - reddish brown mature poorly sorted and matrix supported Sandstone, grits and Conglomerateerates at base.
8.83 86Karoo - reddish -maroon/mauve ferruginous mudstone .
9.86 90Karoo - maroon coloured, mature and massive, poorly - sorted siltstone.
10.90 103Karoo - massive buff brown/khakhi coloured, moderate -poorly sorted, medium grained micaceous Sandstone coarsening towards base into a gritstone/Conglomerateerate towards base.
11.103 108Karoo - purple coloured, massive, medium grained, moderately sorted and matrix supported mature Sandstone.
12.108 110Karoo - mauve - grey - maroon mud/Sand/siltstone - bsltic probable Conglomerateerate, mud and Sand/siltstone fragments similar to horizons above. bslt very fine grained and micaceous and microstalline.
13.110 117Karoo - mauve - maroon wthrd fine grained micaceous and massive bslt with tints of buff - colour towards the base.
14.117 120Karoo - buff - maroon wthrd mudstone - bslt.
15.120 124Karoo - mauve - fine grained, microcrystalline amygdalaloidal bslt, becomes fresher and dark-grey -green below 121m depth.
16.124 141Karoo - grey - green micaceous Shales/slate becoming darker and fresher below 129m depth.
17.141 248Karoo - massive dark - grey, fine grained, microxstalline amygdaloidal bslt with green zeolites weathering /altering to a maroon fringe.

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