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Exploration Borehole

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 Borehole Number: 105/21/X044/H3

 Prospecting Company: De Beers Holdings Botswana
 Prospecting License No.: PL78/88
 Coordinates Type: WGS 84
 Coordinates Format: Decimal Degrees (DD)
 Coordinates: -22.633133 , 21.418893
 Location: Ghanzi

 Start Drill: N/A
 End Drill: N/A
 Borehole Type: Exploration
 Drilling Method: Core
 Sample Type: Core
 Depth of Surface Casing: N/A
 Azimuth: Degrees
 Hole Inclination: N/A
 Collar Elevation: N/A
 Borehole Water Strike: N/A
 End of Hole (Depth): N/A
 Hole Diameter: N/A

 Log Formation:
No.From (m)To (m) Log Formation
1.0 26Unconsolidated Sand cover, no recovery down to 26m.
2.26 62Cream white matrix supported medium to poorly sorted, relatively medium grained calcretised and silcretised Sandstone in varying proportions. Very poor recovery down to 43m.
3.62 92Mainly cream white or pinkish, poorly sorted matrix supported calcretised Sandstone.
4.92 99Cream white poorly sorted calcretised Sandstone.
5.99 106Pink or purple mature micaceous Sandstone, medium grained.
6.106 122Fine grained (indicator rich) green Sandstone or is it altered kimberlite.
7.122 154Light green highly weathered kimberlite occurring in varying proportions, with purple fine to medium grain purple zenoliths.
8.154 160Light green altered kimberlite occurring with purple fine to medium grained Sandstone.

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