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 Borehole Number: 105/12/X015/H1

 Prospecting Company: De Beers Holdings Botswana
 Prospecting License No.: PL51/88
 Coordinates Type: WGS 84
 Coordinates Format: Decimal Degrees (DD)
 Coordinates: -20.3541 , 24.09553
 Location: Tshatshamo

 Start Drill: 1900-01-02
 End Drill: 1900-01-02
 Borehole Type: Exploration
 Drilling Method: Core
 Sample Type: Core
 Depth of Surface Casing: N/A
 Azimuth: Degrees
 Hole Inclination: N/A
 Collar Elevation: N/A
 Borehole Water Strike: N/A
 End of Hole (Depth): 502 Metres
 Hole Diameter: N/A

 Log Formation:
No.From (m)To (m) Log Formation
1.0 2U Kalahari - superficial detritus (Sand, lithic fragments).
2.2 11Lake sediments - I) Sandstone, fine grained, grey, poorly lithified, with nodular calcrete and gastropod remains. Magnetic susceptibility = 20dkx-6
3.3 11Lake sediments I) Sandstones fine grained grey , poorly litrified , with nodular calcretes and gastropod remains . Magnetic susceptibility = 20dkx010.
4.11 23ii) Sandstone, light green, fine to medium grained, texturally mature. Poorly lithified, intercalated with green mudstone. Mag suscept = 20dkx-6.
5.23 34iii) green mudstone, intercalated with playa Silcrete towards the bottom . Mag suscept = 20dkx-6.
6.34 43iv) Gravel horizon - angular to surrounded fragments of playa Silcrete hardpan calcrete, wthrd Sandstone. Mag suscept 20dkx 10-6
7.43 79v) Green siltstone with abundant gypsum euhedra, intercalated in parts with playa Silcrete and hardpan calcrete. Mag suscept 10-20dkx10-6 (green mudstone).
8.79 113vi) Carbonaceous Shale (intercalated with green siltstone), green mudstone.
9.113 126vii) Green siltstone with gypsum intercalated with carbonaceous Shale. (20dkx10-6)
10.126 131ix) Carbonaceous Shale. Mag suscept = 10 dkx10-6.
11.126 202Gravel group - I) Sandstone , fine to medium grained , wthrd , mineralogically inmature, well sorted. Mag. Suscept= 20dkx10 -6.
12.131 133x) polymictic pebble horizon.
13.133 151xi) Mudstone, green (glauconitic) hosting gypsum euhedra and pyrite chambs. Mag suscept = 10-20dk x10-6.
14.151 197Description too long to fit in SQL. Please refer to file.
15.197 202Gravel group - I) Sandstone, fine to medium grained, wthrd, mineralogically inmature, well sorted. Mag suscept = 20dkx10-6.
16.202 225Description too long to fit in SQL. Please refer to file.
17.225 245iii) Shale maroon coloured finely laminated, micaceous in parts. Mag suscept 20dkx10-6.
18.245 270iv) Sandstone (grey wacke) (description as at 203m) (Shale as at 226).
19.245 292iv) Sandstone (grey wacke) (description as at 203m). (Shale as at 226m). (Sandstone/greywacke description as at 203m). (Shale as described for 226m).
20.292 333vi) Intercalated greywacke and Shale. (greywacke, as at 271m), (Shale, as at 226m), (greywacke, as at 271m), (Shale, as at 226m).
21.333 353viii) Protoquartzite - light pink to grey, medium grained, well sorted. Mineralogically mature. Mag suscept = 20 dkx10-6.
22.353 365ix) Greywacke - light red, fine to medium grained, poorly sorted (ie texturally immature) micaceous , with occassional Shale intercalations. Mag suscept = 10 dkx10-6.
23.365 390x) Arkose - grey to brown, coarse grained, mineralogically immature (quartz, plogroclase, mica, opaque minerals). Mag suscept = 10-20dkx10-6.
24.390 410xi) Arkose - grey to light green , fine to coarse grained , poorly sorted ( ie texturally less mature than the above), mineralogically immature (quartz, plagroclase, mica, opaque minerals) mag suscept = 20 dkx10-6
25.410 420xii) Greywacke, light red, fine to medium grained, texturally immature. Micaceous with mica Shale intercalctions. (similar to the lithology described at 354m).
26.420 424xiii) Arkose, grey to green, fine to coarse grained, texturally and mineralogically immature (similar to lithology described at 391m).
27.424 429xiv) Greywacke, light red, fine to medium grained (description as for 411m).
28.429 457xv) Arkose, grey green, fine to coarse grained ( description as for 391M). Becomes brown in colour and medium grained with depth. Mag suscept = 20dkx10-6.
29.457 460xvi) siltstone (maroon, micaceous). [20dkx10-6]
30.460 469xvii) Arkose, grey to green, fine to medium grained (I.e differs from @ 391m and 430m). Texturally and mineralogically immature (ie poorly sorted quartz, plogroclase, mica, opaque minerals ) mag suscept = 20 dkx 10-6.
31.469 472xviii) Greywacke- maroon, fine grained well sorted, micaceous) similar to lithology described at 203m.
32.472 502xix) Arkose, grey to green, fine to medium grained, texturally and mineralogically immature (ie as at 461m). Mag suscept = 20 dkx 10-6.

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